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Darth Vader “Helmetica” 

Created by Justin Maller

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oh my goodness gracious

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It was around 3 p.m. when I decided to ride the train at Recto, I was not really in the mood to talk or to be socially aware of everyone, since I was really, really tired, and sleepy; tired of nothing, sleepy because of last night’s. I stood up on the platform, and waited for the train. I was literally doing the poker face the whole freaking time, quietly staring at an empty space, thinking about nothing, which took me roughly 10 minutes before I even realized that the train was slowly making its way towards our platform. Then, the train door opened, people started to run, and started to push their shit of each other, it’s like a crowd throng shoppers waiting for the mall to open on a clearance sale day, but those shits ain’t stopping me from getting a seat, since I was one of the first person who stood up near the platform line. When I was already settled, there’s this old man who sat beside me, and an old lady who was desperately catching up to steal the sit from the old man, but failed. Fortunately to her, the old man became the gentleman of the day, stood up, and gave the seat to the lucky lady. She was really exhausted on her running experience, and said, “woooo, grabe" and then she laughed. The old lady who was sitting beside her also said something, "grabe no? hirap makakuha ng upuan”, they were really shouting the words as if they’re trying to hit a lot of young people, “oo nga eh, Diyos ko! hindi na to magagawa ng mga kabataan ngayon!”, said the old lady beside me, “oo! nako! wala ng kwenta mga kabataan ngayon! hindi makuhang ibigay ang mga upuan satin! wala na yung paggalang sa matatanda!”, “Oo! Grabe! lalo na yung mga babae!”, “Diyos ko, wag mong aasahan yung mga kabataan na babae! wala ng galang yung mga yun! maski yung mga lalaki ganun narin!”, “Dipende naman yan sa pag papalaki ng magulang eh”, “Pero hindi parin lahat ganun, pero maski na! hindi parin sila magalang satin!”, “Dapat ang mga lalaki hindi na umuupo kasi sa huli ibibigay rin naman nila eh!”

People started to look at them, and one of them is me. I was disturbed on the way they dropped their words, shamelessly bragging how disrespectful teenagers are nowadays.

Okay, so let me put it up this way. I had to agree in some point that people who are considered as old should be treated in care, and to show one’s concern towards them. I also, should agree that people like them should be given much attention than of those people who are still young, and can still put their shit together, but what actually bothers me is the fact of abusing it for their selfishness. I couldn’t blame people who sat first, and not giving their seats to others, it’s somehow their way of being in comfort, and it’s their rights. I may sound very unusual, but people are people, as much as you guys wanted to sit it’s also the feeling of how they wanted to sit. 

I’m not saying that people should not give care to other people, and towards the old ones, that’s not really how things work. It’s actually the matter of being fair or equal. If old people get exhausted, and tired for standing on a 30 minute trip, so as the young ones. I mean, it shouldn’t always be the old people who needs to be pampered, it should be all. 

One good instance would be an old lady obviously making an attention to a girl who’s sitting right in front of her just so she can get the seat, that she thinks she “deserves”, but wasn’t able to get it, so the old lady told the girl if she can sit, because she’s tired. One thing that the old lady didn’t know is that the girl was actually suffering from something, and couldn’t stand the pressure of standing, but still did it, because the old lady “deserves” it, and unfortunately, the girl collapsed. 

It’s not always the idea of being a senior citizen or being known as an old person for people to judge you as to someone who always needed to be in the comfort zone, “always” is different from “most”, and “most” is what should be. Give seats to those people who are in need, and those old ones who are standing in front of you, but not always, just most of the time. Let’s be fair here, people, whether they are rich, or poor, old or young, gay or not, they deserve to be treated as of what they deserve. In the end, we Filipinos would always give love, and respect everyone.  

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G ka ba to build a snowman? from Frances Lim Cabatuando on Vimeo.

Frozen © Disney. Content property of Disney, 2013.

Do you want to build a snowman (Conyo version)
—- this is a parody *wink* —-

Written by Frances (
Sung by Renny and Ice

G ka ba to build a snowman lyrics:

G ka ba to build a snowman?
Tara let’s make laro outside
So sad na I don’t see you na
Stop making tago there
It’s like you made layas

Dati we’re super best friends
But now, deins na
I wish you could spill kung why
G ka ba to build a snowman?
Steady lang if you don’t like snowman

(Make chupi, A)
Mmkay, bye.

G ka ba to build a snowman?
Or make padyak our bicycles
Kasi we don’t hang out na much
I make kwento tuloy
Sa selfies on our walls

(Hang in there, J!)

It gets a bit mej lonely
Kwartos are empty eh
I waste my time making tambay
(Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock)

Please, I know you’re there lang
People are making chismis na
They say be tapang, and I’m trying to
Nandito me for you, just let me in.

We’re tayong two nalang nga
It’s just me and you
Do we have plano ba?
G ka ba to build a snowman?

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